It is very important to have your tooth permanently restored after the completion of root canal therapy.  This may require a small filling in the opening that was made through the tooth, or could require a larger buildup and crown.  Most teeth that require root canal therapy will need to have a crown placed to provide strength to the remaining tooth structure. 

During the root canal procedure we take every effort to maintain a bacteria free environment.  This includes the use of a rubber dam to isolate the tooth and prevent contamination.  Solutions are used throughout the procedure to thoroughly irrigate and cleanse the inside of the tooth.  At the completion of the procedure a temporary filling is placed to maintain a good seal until you return to your dentist for the placement of a permanent filling.  A root canal can only succeed for the long term if bacteria are removed from inside the tooth, the tooth is restored properly with an adequate seal, and good oral hygiene is maintained to prevent decay from occurring.  Leakage from decay under a filling can lead to an otherwise successful root canal becoming infected.

As important as the root canal therapy is, the restoration of the tooth and proper oral hygiene are even more important.  At times it is best to place a permanent filling at the time of the root canal therapy to ensure the root canal system is sealed well.